Research And Development Tax Incentives For New Entrepreneurs


Tax is an important factor in any country and/or economy. This is because it is required by the sitting government to enable them achieve economic progress and offer important services to the people. Many governments have therefore come up with stringent measures aimed at ensuring that all the taxpayers both individuals and corporate pay their taxes conveniently and on time. It is only through such measures that a government will be in a position to collect enough revenue for both recurrent expenditure as well development vote head. 

There is need for all tax payers to be responsible with their obligations and honor them as and when they come up. Failure to pay taxes will lead to serious problems with the government since such governments will levy heavy penalties in order to deter other people with such motives from achieving them. All new entrepreneurs should ensure that they familiarize themselves with all the tax laws and regulations if they will have to succeed in their business endeavors. Contrary to this, they will land in problems with the government and they may not be able to succeed in their day to day activities. 

 Many governments do not encourage any form of mediocrity in payment of taxes as this will lead to complacency amongst the tax payers. They do not recognize ignorance of law. They expect each and every taxpayer to acclimatize themselves with the canon of taxes that operates in each and every country. To this end, such revenue authorities that are charged with the responsibility of collecting taxes on behalf of the national governments conducts awareness campaigns with the sole intention of ensuring that all the individuals in the country are well versed with all the relevant tax laws and specific sections that are binding to them. 

This is the only way through which a country can achieve high revenue turnover and achieve its economic objectives and more so alleviate poverty amongst its people. In order to ensure that all upcoming entrepreneurs are in a position to stabilize their businesses, many governments give them research and development of tax returns Penrith to enable them save on their expenses and other obligations. Through such savings, they will be in a position to finance other economic activities in their operations and at the end of the day; the businesses will stabilize and move on to the next level of growth. 

Through such a movement, the entrepreneurs will be in a position to earn a living and have a stable income which can be used to sustain them now and into the foreseeable future. This is the most important goal for all governments and other economic stakeholders who play a key role in the development of a country.

Australian Federal Government grants small business a window of opportunity before they can commence paying their taxes. This tax window provide such businesses with an opportunity to establish themselves and build a firm foundation which they use to grow their business ideas to make them viable and firm in the eyes of the ever rising business competition.